From A Victim To A Voice will take you on a journey of sexual molestation from not one, but three very close relatives that started at the tender age of four. This tragedy caused Carolyn to spiral out of control, looking for someone, anyone to mend her broken pieces and provide some form of self-worth. Her journey led her down a destructive path with several abusive men, but one with his charisma and charm, caused her to lose everything.As you read through the pages of this book, you will laugh, cry, get angry, self-reflect; but most of all you will hear the voice of a woman who fought to regain her life, for herself and her three children. This story may be your story, and if it is, just know that in the end Domestic Violence doesn’t win.



I just wanted to say that I thank God for you and that He placed you in my life because we have been through some of the same things in life and we made it with God's grace and mercy. I know it wasn't easy telling your story but it had to..people need to know how to over come these situations by trusting God and the process. God bless you sis love you and we made it through the storms. Lisa


This is an awesome book, strong, as a man this moved me to have understanding on what our daughters and sister should not allow and not go thru...


I know the author personally and this book allowed me to see things from a victims prospective.

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