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Carolyn works professionally as a trained, phlebotomists to help improve and touch people lives one touch at a time. Her passion has always been helping others in any aspect applicable for her. In early 2013 Carolyn experienced a major setback and lived to tell her story about enduring domestic violence at the hands of her abuser. After escaping in the middle of the night seeking shelter and hiding, she found herself, rebuilding her life from scratch. Living in a battered woman shelter, later moving into a transitional housing program. Living with those ladies daily allowed Carolyn to see there was something on a much larger scale needed. It was through her experience and time spent in and around the shelter LOFT was birthed. Ladies Overcoming Fear Together a nonprofit organization came from a very painful time in Carolyn’s life however her purpose was greater than her pain now God has released her to tell her story of overcoming in the hopes of inspiring someone else “Don’t be a Victim be a Voice,” as a wife, mother, public speaker Carolyn understands the struggle of everyday life. LOFT is an organization that is spreading and heighten awareness about domestic violence. For More Information on LOFT - CLICK HERE!

Have you ever fell victim to anything, it could have been a person, place or thing? If you answered yes, I must say you’re not alone myself included. In life we move fast and want things to happen right away however we must trust the process it takes. Let’s take this journey together learning how to overcome fear and use our voices. I would like to introduce myself my name is Carolyn Hunter and I am a survivor of domestic violence. My purpose is to educate and spread awareness in the hope of helping and even preventing others male and female alike from enduring such harsh matters. Violence doesn’t discriminate rich, poor, young, old, race or sex, however awareness is the key.

Recent Accomplishments

Published First Book

March 2019


Obtained AAB

April 2019


Started The Couples Corner Radio Show

Raise the Praise 100 Houston

Saturdays 1:00pm to 4:00pm

March 2019

Hunters Tech Institute

A Phlebotomy School 

Opening Soon

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